Fish is healthy and is also a natural food. We support the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) programme so that it may remain so in future. This is the leading world certification programme for sustainably caught fish and seafood.

The MSC acts worldwide to find a solution to the global problem of overfishing.
It is not a case of imposing a complete ban on various types of fishing but of examining individual fisheries in order to determine whether their operations have negative effects on fish stocks which cannot subsequently be redressed.

All the herring fillet and fried herring products from Rügen Fisch use fish which comes from an MSC certified fishery. The products can be easily identified by the blue MSC seal on the lid of the can. Our fish cans also advertise the fishing area in which the fish were caught.


This product originates from a fishery that has been independently certified according to the guidelines of the MSC for an exemplary and sustainable fisheries.

Herring fillets