Our team

Our highly-motivated team are always focussed on the wishes of our customers and give great attention to detail.

The company employees are keen to take on new challenges, constantly develop their skills and proficiency and form the core competencies of our company.

We as a company promote our best qualified employees with training and further education programmes and keep them up to date.

We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic young people who are eager to learn, to offer them training as a specialist in food technology or as a machine or plant operator.

Please apply to:
Rügen Fisch AG,
FAO Personalabteilung, Frau Neuber,
Straße der Jugend 10,
18546 Sassnitz, Germany
Tel: 038392-60440


Our team 01

Our quality management system monitors our high quality standards 24 hours a day.

Our team 02

Our staff want only the best at all times!

Our team 03

Our fish fillets are put carefully into the can by hand.

Our team 04


Our team 05


Our team 06

Our enthusiastic team take pleasure in their work.

Our team 07


Our team 08



We are looking forward to you.